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Why should I trust this service?

You can trust this service because I use a very advanced calculation process that determines if a stock is currently in its buying cycle. This means that buying pressure is strong based on a number of factors, including order flow, physics, trigonometry, various pricing models, along with a host of other factors. This system determines the macro view of a stock and is intended more toward swing trading, breakout trades, and long-term hold periods. At the same time, you can still benefit from this service if you prefer shorter hold periods and scalping, however.    

As the system identifies significant pressure in a certain direction, in the event of a drawdown if you're going for a swing trade, buying pressure will be on you're on side with a high probability, effectively minimizing your risk for high reward. I have seen this play out many times using my system, enough so that I am confident in recommending my service to you. My system is geared toward minimizing your risk as much as possible despite all the market forces in play. This is beneficial for you especially if you don't have time to constantly monitor your stock or the mental stamina to do so. In cases like these, this service would be very good for you.

In terms of reward, average profit is around 12% but can be as high as 25%. A lot of the times, profit is really up to you, as time plays an important part in reaching those higher levels, and so it can depend on how much time you want to spend on a certain stock. I would like to also mention that I use this system to trade my own money, including being funded by proprietary firms using this system, so this system is highly reliable in that regard.

Although this service does not come with a refund policy, payment is through PayPal, so payment transactions are secure, and you're credit card information is never shared with me. Due to the way the website platform works, I had to set payments to recurring as it was the only way to enter the membership area. If you do not wish to have that, simply go in to PayPal and cancel recurring payments in 'set automatic payments.'

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