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Why are you helping if your system is so amazing?

That's a great question, and there are many reasons to it. One reason is I like to help people, and I think I'm a natural born helper, whether your new to trading or just looking for a strong stock to buy.


Another reason is I think everybody needs help no matter who we are. I may need help to pay for some of my expenses for access to data and computing power, as well as with maybe some monthly expenses as this is a full-time job. You might need help with becoming a better trader, or on how to earn more income, or something else. And so I believe that if you ask, you will receive - and if you believe, it will happen. So this is a way of me asking for help, just as you might be asking for help in your own way. 

What's more is that, this 'help' or 'thing' that we're looking for, it could be even greater - greater than the self and even deeply rooted from inside without us even knowing. A philosophy that I recently came across was - we can aim for self-achievement, which is great on it's own, but to have a greater goal than just for the self comes with less effort and even more naturally, and thus the rewards never stop. What would we do if we achieved all our goals, what would be next? Perhaps there's greater meaning behind it?..... Who knows?....  

What I can say is I still have many personal goals that I would like to achieve, and that this is coming from within - and "as within, so out"... and "as out, so within." If we didn't bring these things out, they would remain inside, just a dream - and I do believe that we can turn our dreams into a reality.

So whether you subscribe to my service or not, I hope you feel the same way too and tap into that inner power we all have. What brought you to this page in the first place? What is it something inside? No matter what happens, we're all on the same journey, and you can make your dreams a reality.



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