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Who is this service ideal for?

This service is ideal for many types of people. I do recommend, however, that you already have a consistent form of income to meet your monthly bills. Below are examples of who can benefit from this service. ​

a) A person with extra cash - If you have some extra money laying around and already have some savings, this service is ideal for you. You can think of it like a like a hedge fund that you mange or even a hobby to do in your spare time. If you're earning interest somewhere else in a secure fund, but the overall market is a little slow or pointing negative, you can use this service to supplement your savings and add some percentage points to the savings you already have. It's also good if you have some money saved up for a vacation or a side project you have, and you want to add some more money to that total budget of yours. You can add a few more dollars to the money you've set aside by using this service, and even have a new hobby in the process.  

b) A trader with experience - If you're a seasoned trader or an intermediate-level trader, this service is good for you. Like every trader, we're not always going to get it right, so we keep looking for ways to improve on our quest to finding that golden goose. And as a trader with experience, you probably have a few of your own strategies that you like, and you're probably even paying for a few data feeds or other subscription fees that you use to trade. Well, you can consider this service as another tool or strategy that you can always rely on as part of your trading arsenal - one that is highly reliable, can give you some wins if you're in the negative, and hopefully eliminate some of those unnecessary subscription fees.

You can also use this service to really fine-tune your trading. Because once you have direction with my signals, you can literally use any strategy you like to enter and exit, and you almost literally can't go wrong. You can use this time to really fine-tune your entries, and you can also work on strengthening the mental aspect of your game. From my experience, the mental part is really the next stage to develop once you have a strategy that is consistently a winner. If you're not already there yet, you can really benefit from this service. 

c) A new trader - If you're new to trading and would like to learn more about trading, this service is beneficial for you. The main reason I would say is, what better way to learn than to learn hands-on and profit at the same time? Although this is not a school or a training academy, you will still learn a lot. You'll get to see my trade ideas and techniques, and you can compare them with everything else your researching or learning on your own. I do think it's good for every trader to lose, and to lose a lot, because that's how we become better. But getting that winning experience is just as equally important and time consuming. Believe it or not, winning is just as difficult as losing. Yes, winning isn't easy, and there is a whole new skill set to learn that you can only practice while you're winning. This service can definitely help you get that winning experience so that you can develop the advanced skills, as well as the fundamentals.

d) Work from home / side gig - If you already have a day job, or you're looking for a side gig, this service can help you. The main reason is you can earn extra income on the side because the trade signals are very reliable. Also it's very straight forward, meaning there isn't a list of 50 stocks to choose from. I will give you the exact stock to trade and the price levels to watch for. So if you have other responsibilities, you can save a lot of time from having to do any research, and you can avoid information overload. The other good thing is my signals are very good for swing trading. So a lot of times you can just place the trade in the morning and watch the magic work over the next few days. 

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