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How is this service different from others?

With other services such as scanners and financial websites, you'll usually have a long list of stocks that you can filter through based on some settings and criteria - which is good. However, once you've narrowed the stock selection down, you could still have 20 or more stocks on the list and still not know which one to choose. Likewise, if you use a website that gives buy recommendations and ratings, and you decide to pick one, and the stock starts going against you, all of sudden, you start questioning your decision and don't know what you can trust anymore.


Although these tools are good to use, the question, for me anyways, is when. When should I buy? When is this stock in a strong buy cycle to justify the rating it's been given on a website? When is the oversold signal really an oversold signal and not an indication that the stock is actually in a strong downtrend? In my opinion, other services can tell you what stock to buy, but they don't tell you when.


So that's how this service is different from other services. This service tells you when a certain stock is currently in a buy cycle, meaning you can buy right now, this week, and hold with confidence. I've seen instances where more than a few sites recommended a stock to buy, but my system indicated in fact it was in a sell cycle, and what transpired was price did indeed tank. Likewise I've seen websites recommend a strong sell rating, but my system indicated we were in a buy cycle, and the next thing you know, the next day the site recommended to buy the stock. 


So to summarize, this service is different from others in that it identifies stocks that are currently in a buy cycle so that we can take action now, in step with what the stronger market forces are doing, i.e., Wall Street, smart money. Additionally, this service cuts through all the noise and news, and focuses on only a few stocks, and reduces the information overload from jumping around from one stock to another, allowing you to save time, work on your trading skills or other things, and increasing your success-rate.



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