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What's the biggest skill I need for this service?

What you'll need to do most when using this service is make decisions. In my opinion, this is probably the hardest part next to controlling your emotions and are closely tied together. 

For example, you'll need to decide where and when you want to enter. Do you want to enter right away on Monday morning so you have all week to catch the move? Price movements can take time, so by getting in early, you don't waste any time and catch most of the move. Or do you want to get the best entry and work on your price action and technical analysis, and wait for a pullback? These are worth it too because when done nicely, price can move very soon in your favor. 

After figuring out how much you want to spend, then you'll have to decide how long you want to stay in the trade. Do you want to stay in for hours? For days? For a few minutes? If you're doing a short-term trade, at what price level will you exit at? You will get the updated price levels everyday which you'll see work extremely well as price magnets. So do you want to take profit right away after it touches the price level, or do you want to keep going for more? 

What will you do if price touches our level, and you're in a profit of 10%, and then it starts to come back? How much are you willing to give back for the bigger move for 20%? How long are you willing to wait for that? Will you decide to take half your profit and leave half in? Or will you decide to go for it all? 

So these are just a few examples of the decisions you'll have to make, all of which come under different circumstances and times of the day. And as price is moving up and down, so are your emotions. And as mentioned, big price movements can take time, so that emotional toll can be heavy and affect your decision-making.  

So making decisions is something you'll have to do a lot of, and the skills that follow will certainly benefit you. The service will help make that decision-making process easier for you: 

  1. by putting you in a strong stock to begin with, so if price does come back on you, you can expect with high probability that smart money buying pressure will support you and push price higher.

  2. by giving you the important price levels to follow so you can monitor your trade, allowing you to make decisions easier. 

  3. by giving you my trade ideas that you can follow.

Remember, the stock signals I provide are very strong and take a big picture view. You can literally just put your money in and wait for price to go higher, or you can really pick your spots (see example). There are so many ways you can trade it, and it will be up to you to decide.  




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