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Recent Trades

Nov 9 - Dec 9

Monday November 9, 2020

My system identified this stock was in it's buy cycle on Monday November 9, 2020. That means you can buy it right now, this week. This is one of the advantages of my service over others such as scanners and financial websites. Because while they they may filter and/or give recommendations, they don't tell you if now is a good time to buy.

You can also see the significant price levels. Notice how price is attracted to them, and how much easier it is to read candlesticks, not to mention when combined with other indicators. I update these lines everyday as they change from Mon-Fri. In the example I left the other days out for easier viewing. You can track price even more closely with the other days lines.      



Note the gap up through our line. That's a clear indication of strength and to keep aiming higher.

Notice how price stops almost exactly on our line at the end of the day. This would have been a sign to hold your trade overnight. 

Candlestick rejection formations are much clearer when you have the lines and the right stock 

1hr time frame

Had you entered Nov 9 on the Monday until Dec 6 Friday, you would have made about 19%

Also note that you could have entered basically on any day at any time that first week and even the second week, and you'd still be in profit. This shows how powerful my system is at identifying a stock in its buy cycle, and how it reduces the risk as much as possible, as well as how the focus is on swing type trades/breakouts on the higher time frames.   

For a trader with extra money, this can be a great way of taking low-risk, high probability trades. For an intermediate or new trader, there's so many ways to develop your skills while making a profit. 

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