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Guideline for trading signals

  1. There are 3 signals - BUY, SELL, and CLOSE.

  2. If the stock is a BUY, only look to buy. Trust in the direction even if the candles look bearish. Going against these signals is considered a 'blasphemy.'    

  3. In the beginning, trade only the longer time frames, 1 hr, 4hr, daily. 

  4. Use any indicator you like. I use RSI(2) and Stochastics(10,3,2).

  5. Wait until both RSI and Stochastics is oversold, meaning under 30. 

  6. Wait until there is a cross of the fast moving Stochastic line with the slow moving Stochastic line before entering.

  7. The candle needs to be bullish, preferably green, or a red bear that could not close more than 50% of its length.

  8. The bar needs to form at a significant level. The significant levels are marked out every day. 

  9. When a bullish bar forms around a significant price level, it is very clear. 

  10. When you have all three: Stochastic crossover under 30, bull bar, near a significant level - that's very powerful. Enter.

  11. When price crosses one of the significant levels, are target is the next one up.

  12. They are also the levels to help monitor your trade. 

  13. I also use MA(10) and MA(5)

  14. I also use Bollinger bands (10,2,0)

  15. Use any other techniques to monitor your trade. This is a great chance to hone your technique. 

  16. In the event you are in profit, and the signal changes to CLOSE, I recommend close your position. The buying cycle has ended.

  17. I do not use a stop loss. I will use a mental stop loss, meaning I know what price level I will get out at. Set an alert if price gets near it.

  18. You can hold overnight. That's the purpose of the system, to minimize your risk as much as possible. No stop loss overnight, is the way I trade. I trust the system because it's very reliable.

  19. But pick good levels to enter, around the significant price levels, for even less risk. 

  20. For swing trading, prepare at 3-5% stop loss. Check in the group every day to make sure the signal is still a buy. That means you can continuing holding. This goes hand-in-hand with trusting the system. You will see just how powerful this system is if you do.   

  21. Look at my notes every day to see what I'm thinking. You will catch on quick and even adapt your own style.

  22. Finally, feel free to ask me questions by email anytime. I will answer as soon as I can.

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