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What is trading psychology and how to use it in the market

The psychology of trading is an elusive topic. You're looking for a way for it to be an edge in your trading, but no one can really explain. From my experience, I will give you my take on what trading psychology is, and and how you can use it to your advantage. I break the psychology of trading into two parts: the psychology of the trader yourselves and the psychology of the overall market. 

The psychology of the trader themselves is a little boring because we've heard it a million times - have discipline, be patient, don't be greedy, and all that stuff that makes you go, "yeah, yeah, yeah." If that's your response, then it's like you haven't reached a point where you have a profitable trading system because your still too preoccupied with getting a profit. That's how I was from my own experience, so I'll just make a general assumption here. Now that I do have a profitable system, that's all I'm really working on now - my personal psychology and all the other areas that you can only experience if you're winning, like the psychology a holding a winning trade for days upon days. But let's talk about the second part: the psychology of the overall market because this might be new to some.   

The way I look at it, the psychology of the overall market is what the market is doing as a whole, all the traders as a collective, so basically how the market is moving right now. So if there is a big red bear candle on the 4hr chart, put yourself in the shoes of the trader. Their psychology right now is thinking sell, so you can bet that their waiting for a nice pullback to get in, or have already sold and sweating bullets every time a candle turns green.


o use it your a

After settling down with the technical indicators I liked using, I started looking for this, but no one could really explain it and how to use it to my advantage is what I found. Trading psychology is something you have to see for yourself, but you have to be on the winning side, right side  in my opinion. 


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