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About the news order plan

The news stock package is ideal if you are already confident with this system, or have your own system, and are comfortable trading on your own. In particular, this package is ideal for traders who have a hunch or want to speculate on upcoming news events, earnings report releases, or even rumors they might have heard. As you know, my proprietary calculation method takes order flow, physics, pricing models, and much more into consideration to identify stocks that are currently in their buy cycle. By identifying this ahead of time, you can get into position weeks before the runup of the news release or the pop that often occurs before it actually happens. 

Good for: news, earnings report, speculation trading 

How it works:

Identify the stock with an upcoming earnings report or news release. There are lots of free websites that can do this for you. Pick the amount of time you want to be ahead of the news. So you can be a month ahead, 2 weeks ahead, a week ahead, and so on. Place an order, and let me know the stock you're interested in. I will run my analysis and give you the result and what price levels to look for.   

What happens if the result of the analysis is not a a buy recommendation?

If I cannot recommend that you buy the stock after the analysis, you will still get a full analysis of the stock, including the significant price levels, and at least you can be in the know, potentially saving you a lot of money had you taken the trade. Also in return, I will give you another stock that is currently in either its buy/sell cycle.

Will you get daily support?

In this package, daily support is not available. I currently only offer daily support in the trading group packages. However, my system detects signals that are strong, meaning it's cycle is unlikely to change in the next week or so. You will also get the significant price levels for days and weeks ahead, which are highly accurate, meaning you can monitor price action weeks after receiving my recommendation on your own. 

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