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About the group trading package

With this package, you get to join our weekly trading group where I will post stocks that are currently in their buy cycle. These stocks are actionable today, meaning you can buy right away or wait for an entry point that you like, whichever you prefer, and expect with high probability for buying pressure to be on your side. You will also receive price levels that act as support and resistance (entry points and exit points), however you look at it, which is highly magnetic to price action and makes monitoring price movements, reading candles sticks and technical indicators so much easier.

You can take short-term trades, long-term trades, or scalp, whatever your time or mental state allows. You're going to find your win-rate go up, profit margins go up, and your holding times go up, all making you a better trader, allowing you to see how the market works, and learning new skills that can only be developed in a winning scenario, such as when to take profit - and importantly, developing your mental strength and realizing your visions. 

It's up to you how long you hold for. In the beginning, you may like to start with shorter hold periods and trade the lower time frames. Maybe that's an area of trading you'd like to work on, being able to extract profit on any given day in a short period of time. As your trust level goes up with my system, you may find yourself going for longer hold periods such as days to eventually weeks. My system is geared towards the swing trade and/or breakout trade, going for the big moves. So holding for long periods of time is normal with my signals, and something you can definitely work on. 

In my opinion, holding for a longer period of time, I believe, is easier on your time if you can't be in front of the monitor all day, and I believe it's easier on the emotional roller coaster that trading brings, but of course, it's up to you. But if we reach our target, then we have reached our target, and that's another determiner of a successful trade you can aim for as well. Typically, we will aim for 5-30%, with 5% being on the low end. 

Finally, I will also give you my trade ideas in the trading group because I will be trading the same stocks. Yes, this system is the same system I use to trade my own money, and it's the same system which has allowed me to trade with prop firms. So you can use my trade ideas and techniques as a guide in your trading as well.  



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