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Every week you will receive a minimum of one stock to trade as well as the significant price levels (support, resistance, targets), which will be updated everyday so you can easily follow the price movements. I will also share with you my ideas and techniques on when to enter and exit. This service is perfect for day traders, swing traders, people with extra cash that want a quick return, people who want to learn while making a profit, or even if you just need a new hobby, because my trades will put you on the winning side. You will benefit from this service by not having information overload from various scanners and stock ratings, which after all the analysis, still don't tell you which stock to buy. Here, you will receive stocks that are currently in their buy cycle, meaning you can buy them today without any second guessing. We aim for 5-25%. 

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All of my trades are backed by a proprietary calculation system that utilizes the most advanced data and formulas to give us that mathematical assurance we need to place a large order or hold overnight for days. The calculation includes order flow, probabilities, physics, trigonometry, and much more. The same is done to determine the significant price levels which act as our entry points or take profit and act like magnets that attract price. Without these calculations, we are basically just guessing. We will still use traditional technical analysis and patterns but only after my system identifies the direction, probability and strength of a stock. This service will put you on the same level as the fat cats on Wall Street so that you're always on the right side. 

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I've been trading for over 5 years learning about technical analysis, price action, volume analysis, Elliot wave count, from magic trend lines to sacred geometry. What I have found is that they all work. Yes, my fellow trader - everything works. But to truly have that extra edge, I kept searching for something more, and I have indeed found it. It's the power of mathematics. Since then, my visions of future price movement have become more and more a reality, and the same can be for you. It's hard to believe at first, but once you're set up with a high probability trade, the rest is really up to your mind. Join me in this next level of trading - turning your visions into reality - and develop yourself financially and personally. 


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